Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition

Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition 1.0

Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition includes a bunch of new features
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Get ready for Dungeon Lords, a role-playing game in which you use weapons and magic to face a intriguing conspiracy that seeks to destroy the universe.
Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition includes a bunch of new features such as quests, spells, effects, creatures and amazing new heraldries and a lot of customizations for your character, all this in an effort to make your gaming experience more satisfying.

To get started, create your character and define all his skills: if you're a warrior, choose different weapons, if you're a wizard, choose the most powerful spells, and if you're a thief, the art of stealth will be your choice.

In addition to the comprehensive system for the development of your character, the title offers an excellent gameplay, thanks to a simple control which will immediately put you inside the game. This title will strongly remind you some classic games as Blizzard´s Diablo II, but this time in third person perspective.

Thanks to some high-quality graphics, Dungeon Lords lets you enjoy stunning visual effects in spells, invocations and fighting against monsters of fantasy.

María Noel Balla
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